Na Farofa

Our new album on YB Music. Released Sep 30, 2013. Featuring Iara Rennó, Leo Cavalcanti, Rodrigo Campos, Ava Rocha and more


The album Wazzabining from 2010 is an eclectic mix of genres and influences that testify to the true cosmopolitanism of the band. Copenhagen – New York – São Paulo. It all comes out in the music. The album opens with 01. A Bigger Form, a mostly instrumental track with an understated verse that explodes into to [...]

Monte Lema

We are proud to announce the release of a very special collaborative effort: Llambías x Wazzabi: Monte Lema. The collaboration with Danish author/performer Pablo Llambías has been running over 10 years, and has turned into a place of great trust, creativity and fearless improvising. All lyrics are from Pablo’s book “Monte Lema”, out on Danish [...]

A Bigger Form

Wazzabi’s debut EP ‘A Bigger Form’ was released October 2008. Both EP and single are available for download in online music stores globally including all iTunes Music Stores. The EP features five tracks of Wazzabi with an international line of guests: ‘Falta de Falta’ with soaring Brazilian vocals by Carlos Zimbher (São Paulo, Brazil), intense [...]